Posted by: Kibrika | April 11, 2008

Fan post: Neil Gaiman

I want to write about a recent favourite author of mine. Hes name is Neil Gaiman.

A few years ago I took a bunch of audio-books from an acquaintance. He talked a lot about self development and he was quite a leader and read books on those things (self development and leadership). Among his books was one called The American Gods. I figured it’d be a book about the large corporations in America and power struggle between them. The beginning of the book, though a bit surprising, didn’t contradict this assumption too much. Later on I was astonished and surprised all the time, because the book was not at all what I thought it would be. I loved it.

I wasn’t sure why I loved it so much, was it because how it surprised me (for the best) or because it was genuinely so well written. It had details that I love so much – in the beginning of the book something happens that doesn’t quite make sense at the time, but does near the end when so much more has been resolved. It has culture in it and lots of fantasy.

I blabbered the authors name all over my relatives and got Stardust for my birthday. I also got a glittery stone tied up in string at the same time, though it was a souvenir from some trip that my father had been on and not intentionally related. But it was such a great combination of presents for a dreaming girl like me. I loved the book too. Even though I now didn’t expect anything boring of it.

I’ve also read Anansi Boys now and I want to get my hands on the Sandman comics. I’m also looking forward to the Graveyard Book. But it’s not near all he’s done.

I admire him even more for interacting with readers so much. I read his blog and he answers such a great amount of letters, I think. Even though I don’t agree with everything he does, I think it’s great that he doesn’t do just books. And I am happy that he isn’t conservative about how people get to his work. I have gotten a few of his works for free, but I have also purchased some because of it. And he understands and encourages it.

If I ever become a writer, I want to be just like him, except female, and obviously I want to be original and everything. What I meant was that he’s great with so many words. English is not my native language, but I think I’d learn a few words from his books even if it was. And he does great research for his books.

Now I’ll be one of the over 2500 websites that link to his page every day and I’m proud of it.



  1. i like stardust, though i personally prefer the movie over the book (i love happy endings). :) i’ve read smoke and mirrors but i didn’t really enjoy that; some stories were good, though.

  2. nylusmilk, That’s like saying you prefer salt & pepper over the food. ‘Sides, I don’t remember the book having an unhappy ending…

  3. I don’t agree that a movie to a book is like salt and pepper to food, if that’s what you meant. I preferred the book to the movie and they did have different endings and the movie had a more Hollywood ending which can seem to be happier.

  4. shadowbird: movie and book are two different mediums; a movie is not a complement to the book the way condiments are to food. one can watch the movie without reading the book, and vice versa. you can’t eat salt and pepper without the food. but maybe some people do…

  5. Good biting people. :D

    nylusmilk : I think those people who would eat salt and pepper by themselves, they don’t last long… ;)

  6. Fantastic post, did not thought reading this was going to be so great when I klicked at your title.

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