Posted by: Kibrika | October 29, 2009

Button-eyed goblin

I am so rarely satisfied with myself. I recently came upon that old truth about how people treat themselves way worse than their friends or even strange people. I most certainly do that. I think that if I’d get a Nobel prise I’d still tell myself that I could have done more. But I’m very far from actually doing something very worthwhile. (See previous sentence, for example.)

Well, today I made a goblin. And he’s a diva. First thing he did was snatch up something I embroidered a long time ago thinking it would be a gift to one certain person. Now that the goblin refuses to part with it, I guess I’ll give him with the embroidery.

The next thing he did, after taking ownership of what is now hes scarf, was make me take pictures of him. First a close-up of his daydreaming expression.

black controller buttons for eyes in a face made of white and gray stripe fabric with a pink and purple scarf covering where mouth would be

Notice that his eyes are actually buttons from a broken game controller. And since he perceives with his insides (made from the packaging of a monitor) he doesn’t mind people pressing his button-eyes. Sometimes it is a quite satisfying feeling, to press a goblins button-eye.

Next he did a cute pose…

creature looks a bit like a snowman made of striped fabric

A slow spin…

the creature has weird ears

And then a sexy walk away from the camera.

back of striped creature with long ears and pink scarf

Show-off. Now all that’s left for me to do is make an awesome gift box to put this day’s work into, and give him to the appropriate authorities, t.i. the person the toy-scarf thing was meant for.



  1. why Button-eyed goblin ??? whyyyyy…..
    It hurts

    • But his eyes aren’t like living things eyes. They don’t hurt :D

  2. Kaa tu pamaniijies acis tur piestiprinaat taa, lai taas nekriit nost?

  3. Pielīmēju.

  4. awesome! :)

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