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I’m following this guys Andrejs Zavadskis photos. But I haven’t gotten a hold of his archives and can’t find the photos I want when I want them. So, here I’ll list them as I find them.

The city:
Street in black and brown
Under demolishment
Pavement in autumn leaves and mist
Black and white glimpse at the TV tower
Skyline in winter snow and mist
Reflection in some water
Railway bridge in winter
From top of a building
Outskirts of the city in winter
Close up on one of the bridges
A Black and white church
Old town bridge in a mist
The country:
An oak tree in sunny weather

Then there’s this other guy Kirils who also has some photos of my city that I like so I decided to add them here too.

More city
Sunrise, railway
Raylway, trains, no Sun
Skyline with nice lighting
This is a lovely building near my place
Same place, better light
TV tower, plane trail
TV Tower legs
Cathedral with trees in winter
A lantern in winter
The creatures
I bet it’s actually small, the picture just makes it look big
We have only very small lizards
Let’s call a lock a creature
A tourist spot and not without reason
Another one, I think
Sky mostly
Forest side, footprints (not sure what kind)

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