Posted by: Kibrika | June 4, 2011

My exciting time in a very boring list

Recently I’ve felt more like an adventurer than at any other time in my life. I want to list all the things that made me feel like that so that I remember them better. The list is roughly chronological therefore the more boring.

I found out the name of a cheese that I remember eating and loving in childhood.
I tangled in a sheet and wore original jewellery to the lens of a camera.
I participated in a writers seminar, a small local one and I missed the two most interesting lectures, yet I gained a lot of experience from them and they made me write a bit.
I used what I learned with one lover to make up for a failure with another. The memory still excites me a bit.
I did well at my work, it’s not often that I have a clear task and do it efficiently, I did that several times in the last month.
I made a decision to leave my current job. Again. But this time I’m beginning to act on the decision.
I sat at a bonfire and cooked sausages and drank beer in the company of some rude people and enjoyed the evening immensely.
I missed some riding opportunities. I regret this because I’m an apprentice driver and would have loved to observe an experienced one as well as get to know my city better.
I had a talk with a possible future employer and it didn’t go too well. It made me doubt my decisions. That made me depressed.
I broke down and lost my dignity in the game where “no” shouldn’t be cancelled. I would not change that, it was too good.
I had a day I couldn’t recall what I was depressed about. I had a day I could recall what I was depressed about and could add more things to the list.
I lost my dignity chatting. Even though I haven’t experienced heart-brokenness, I’m learning about some of the side effects. I grew closer and opened up chatting with someone else.
I ate a tasty meal and had pleasant memories to play back in my mind. New toys were bought and played with.
I accidentally offered to introduce a couple of my friends to each other. Friends of opposite sexes. Who are both single. I hit my head on the desk. Twice.
I kissed her again.
I engaged in a romantic evening involving climbing up on a roof. The next day was slow and sleepy.
I forgot my phone at home and found my dentists new place of work by asking people and hazy memories.
I went to get my eye-sight checked. The apparatuses there seemed very steam-punk like. I’m slightly far-sighted, but not enough to need any glasses.
I felt guilty that I wanted to talk about my trip to the dentist even though my friend had had a much more important event at the same time.
I went driving with my dad and got to check out typography in action again. I also saw the paper storage that I don’t think I had seen before. When I’m crazy, I’m going protesting against all the woodcutting that must be going on to provide those amounts of useless paper spending. The machines in action there are very impressive though.
I’ve been reading “I am not a serial killer.” It’s good.

I hope that your lives are made interesting by simple events too.


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