Posted by: Kibrika | March 28, 2011

Internal people

You know how there are several voices in your head? Well, I had a couple of reasonable ones. And the obligatory lazy one. They mostly argued only when some decisions had to be made and then their arguments were reasonable ones. Sometimes the lazy one wanted me not to do stuff, but the reasonable voices overwhelmed him most of the time. There were some less reasonable more emotional voices, but their reactions where also tempered by the reasonable voices.

Well that changed when a knight on a white horse or a contemporary guy in a fedora rescued the inner princess from the tower guarded by the wise dragon where she was safely locked up. The Princess came and obnoxiously proclaimed that she was going to have some fun. The lazy one cheered, the others shrugged, why not let her? Now I know – because she wont let me get any work done.

First the princess started listening to music frequently going “Ooh, these lyrics are so deep!” The problem is that I can barely hear the reasonable ones smirking over how loud the princess sings along with the songs.

The princess is indecisive as hell, she wants to be spontaneous, so she leaves off making a decision to the last moment and until then keeps repeating the choices loudly which makes it near impossible for the reasonable people to prepare for either choice.

The princess is not all bad. She decided I needed a more feminine look and made me wear high heels. That turned out to be good for how I feel about myself and the confidence carries over to when I’m back in more comfortable shoes.

Then there was the time the princess decided that one of my friends is not talking to me because he doesn’t like me any more. She was wailing “oh, what to do” all day. One of the reasonable voices tried pointing out that the friend, unlike me, is probably busy doing work, but the princess kept wailing and even managed to engage some of the reasoning persons in guessing the possible reasons for that. Of course it turned out that nothing had changed between me and my friend. Oh, how pleasantly surprised the princess was. For a change it was nice not to hear the I told you so’s of the reasonable ones over the princess’ happy giggling.

I think the last time she was out before now was in my teens, but either it was more appropriate then or it was a less intense version of her, I’m not sure, but I’m well fed up with her by now. Yes, she’s good fun, but I do miss being reasonable. If someone has advice on making capricious princesses grow up or how to get them back into tower and guarded please share!


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