Posted by: Kibrika | February 22, 2011

Dream sex

If the word “sex” offends you, you should definitely reconsider what being offended means and think of how boring the World would become if everyone acted in a way that could not offend anyone. However, if you do not wish to know that people may make love to each other, better skip this post.

I think that what I’m about to describe is much more likely to be experienced by women than by men. There are some advantages to being my sex, I guess, no matter how annoying some of our inner workings are. The experience is not waking up completely when partner begins making love to me.

I love dreams, dreams are a way to experience impossible, unlikely, terrifying, fun and other kinds of things, all much more genuinely than any other medium experience feels and with practically no consequences. The drawbacks are they are uncontrollable (you can’t chose what it is you want to experience) and easily forgettable (probably because they make no sense). I think some of it can be improved upon by training, but I’ve never had the discipline to significantly change my dreaming. Though I think I have had a few lucid dreams.

To be still dreaming while having sex is amazing. It feels just as real as any other dream and I get to be awake enough at the end to be able to tell what just “happened” to my partner (and therefore am more likely to remember it). And it is always pleasant. I have three favourite ones that I’ll try to recount.

I’m not sure where the latest dream I had came from. In the dream, we had visited friends we haven’t visited yet in real life, and they had a book on the corner of the table. It was a detective book, a very artistic one, and Scandinavian. I haven’t read any books like that lately. I guess we borrowed it in the dream, because the waking up part begun with us trying to decide to read it or not and it ended with us reading it really hard. The dream parts don’t make much sense in the sex context, I have no idea how was having sex the same thing as reading a book, but it was immensely pleasurable.

Another one was again inspired by a book, but this time a real book I had recently read. It was one of Sarah Douglass Axis trilogy books. In it the hero had to reconcile the winged magical people with the regular humans to get a greater army. In my dream he figured out a “really good” plan – to give the winged women to the men of the regular people army (one each). To be honest, I don’t remember if the winged women (including me) were willing or not. The thing that made me the most curious was “how are my wings not hurt”? My wings really didn’t bother any of the usual ways to have sex even though they are so big and wide.

My favourite one is the most nerdy. I went to bed trying to figure out how to place five dots on the surface of a sphere so that they are as far from each other as possible. I think I had a layout in mind and was trying to figure out how to prove that it would work (because unlike four dots on a sphere it wouldn’t be symmetrical). In the dream I was happy that my love decided to participate. He usually dislikes anything that can be categorized under “mathematics”. We were going to imitate the model of the dots and the centre. One dot was going to be where my hands were pressed down, one on each leg and the centre of the sphere was… To be honest, at the end I realised the “maths” was all wrong, the point count didn’t match, the placement wasn’t symmetrical or in any way as far from each other as possible. But I still loved having maths-sex.


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