Posted by: Kibrika | October 7, 2009

Daring Pictures (Not)

Since before I started regularly using the Internet I was taught the Internet equivalent of “do not take candy from strangers” – don’t post on the Internet anything you don’t want someone to see, because everyone (including that someone) can and are likely to see it. This means that before I post something, I think, that my mom will see it, also my boss, my friends and everyone else who I know or don’t know. If I decide it’s ok for them to see it, I go ahead and post it.

The rebel me wants to be daring sometimes, so I flirted with the idea of putting on a tight dress or something and make some sexy pictures and post them. I’m as pretty as the next girl, and since it was something that I thought was the kind of thing people usually don’t want everyone else in the world to see, I figured it would be a rare
enough occurrence to make me a bit outstanding, exceptional. Especially because I consider myself someone with a “good girl” reputation.

Well, again and again I see I’m wrong. Many of my “good girl” school-mates are posting lame slutty pictures in mini dresses, tight pants, on the hoods of cars and all other kinds of cliché „sexy” photos. Most of them are not very good. So much for being original. I’m glad I never did it, because I doubt I would have made any better pictures on my own.

So unless I want to be hired as a model or someone who get hired for their curves, I’ll refrain from sitting on car hoods in mini-dresses and hugging bikes in skinny jeans. For now I guess the only sexy picture I would be willing to post on the Internet would be one for (from the makers of XKCD and that would have to be an excellent piece of art too.


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